2017 New Member Welcome

Hi WCDAC! We are excited to announce our 2017 New Member Welcome.

We’ll be hanging out at the Fat Dog in North Hollywood to enjoy some appetizers & drinks, and get to know our new members here in LA!

Website Re-Design

Website Re-Design


We’ve recently re-designed the website with a few goals in mind listed below. Let us know what you think in the comments section of this post. Are you encountering any issues? See a typo? Looking for something online you can’t find here? During the new website phase-in, we’d love to know your thoughts.

-Will G

New Website Goals

  • Modernized Interface & Look
  • Full Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Active Forums section – post your insider tips & help folks getting started in LA!
    • This section is hidden from the public, much like:
  • Working Member Directory
    • You choose how much profile information to show to fellow members
    • ALL of your info is hidden from the “public” – folks who aren’t logged into the WCDAC website.
  • Up-To-Date Source for latest News & Events
  • NEW Showcase Info Coming Soon
  • Event Registration/RSVP within the website
  • Removed thousands of spam accounts on the website which had built up over a few years.
    • Active SPAM protection is in place to keep this from happening again!
  • Mobile Device compatibility