Website Re-Design

Website Re-Design


We’ve recently re-designed the website with a few goals in mind listed below. Let us know what you think in the comments section of this post. Are you encountering any issues? See a typo? Looking for something online you can’t find here? During the new website phase-in, we’d love to know your thoughts.

-Will G

New Website Goals

  • Modernized Interface & Look
  • Full Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Active Forums section – post your insider tips & help folks getting started in LA!
    • This section is hidden from the public, much like:
  • Working Member Directory
    • You choose how much profile information to show to fellow members
    • ALL of your info is hidden from the “public” – folks who aren’t logged into the WCDAC website.
  • Up-To-Date Source for latest News & Events
  • NEW Showcase Info Coming Soon
  • Event Registration/RSVP within the website
  • Removed thousands of spam accounts on the website which had built up over a few years.
    • Active SPAM protection is in place to keep this from happening again!
  • Mobile Device compatibility